Europe of Rights Community College 2004 @ Casacares

Europe of Rights Community College II

Fundamental Rights, Citizenships and Identities in Changing Societies

Brief Description

The Europe of Rights Community College took place on September 14th-23rd 2004 at the retreat and group meeting centre Casa Cares in Reggello (Florence).

35 young Europeans from 17 countries attended this Community College event, concerning the role of fundamental rights in societies that are rapidly transforming, still keeping in mind the universality of human rights.

During the lectures, workshops and debates, the participants discussed about European identity, the role of religion in human rights and new rights. A final document on these issues was approved as an expression of the ideas shared by the participants. Three groups took one chapter each to express, in the form of articles, the principles they considered most important. The articles were then exchanged and discussed in the groups and proposals for amendments were presented by group representatives at a plenary session. Each proposal was discussed by all participants and a compromise was reached using the consensus method. In the end the whole document was one by which every participant could feel represented.

Please, find here a thorough project description, the detailed programme and the final document in Word-format.


The Europe of Rights Community College 2004 is financed by European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe, by Regione Toscana under the project called PORTO FRANCO - Tuscany, Land of Peoples and Cultures, and by Unione Femminile della Chiesa Evangelica Valdese di Livorno and Commissione Esecutiva del Terzo Distretto della Chiesa Evangelica Valdese
(Unione delle chiese valdesi e metodiste).

The ERCC is supported by Provincia di Firenze, Comune di Reggello and Comune di Livorno.

Special thanks to:
- Confronti, interreligious magazine of faith, politics and daily life
- European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS)
- Giovani Musulmani d'Italia (GMI - Muslim Youth in Italy)
- World Student Christian Federation Europe (WSCF-Europe)

PORTO FRANCO - Tuscany, Land of Peoples and Cultures

Unione delle Chiese Valdesi e Metodiste

Provincia di Firenze

Comune di Reggello

Comune di Livorno

ACC Italy Committee

In charge of the Europe of Rights Community College is the ACC Italy Committee. Eva Valvo from the Board together with Marzia Pistolesi, Peter Ciaccio and Silvia Cardi are the members of the Committee.

Contact ACC Italy Committee.