Final Editorial Conference @ Ryslinge Højskole 2000

Final Editorial Conference

Brief description

The ACC International programme office organized the Final Editorial Conference (FEC) of the youth magazine “Das Haus - La Maison - The House” winter edition 2000.

Young Europeans from just as many European countries were invited to be part of the editorial staff in the FEC.

The Conference took place at Ryslinge Højskole, Denmark, from November 19th to 26th 2000.

This issue of “Das Haus - La Maison - The House” youth magazine had the theme “Schools for Europe”.

The aim of the conference and of the the theme issue was, in accordance with the general aims of the ACC, to stimulate a common European debate on questions and political problems shared by the Europeans.

The theme issue is followed-up by the "Schools for Europe Community College" in which an Act on European Community Colleges is composed. Find the "Act" downloadable here:

Moreover a "Schools for Europe Community College II" is going to compose a set of by-laws for a First European Community College.


Das Haus
La Maison
The House
Edition 26, XI/2000

Editors: 30 young Europeans from all over

By the ACC
Das Haus La Maison The House
The theme is "Schools for Europe", write about it! That is the task 30 young Europeans were given, when the ACC organized the Final Editorial Conference of this issue of "Das Haus".

"Today's Europe requires a lot more than the participation of the elite: all the citizens can contribute to the content of this word."(Endre Ványolos, participant in the Final Editorial Conference)