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The ACC Active Citizenship Community College took place at the International Peoples College in Helsingør (Denmark) from 20th – 27th of March 2006. The main aim of the seminar was to build bridges and to debate ways to build bridges – between European citizens but also between European citizens and EU institutions, decision-makers, and policy processes. We challenged a group of 20-25 Europeans to discuss and disseminate ideas on the future of Europe by editing a range of articles published in the magazine “ACCENT – A European Demos”.

The Active Citizenship Community College consisted of presentations by invited guests, discussions among participants from all over Europe, workshops and social events. In addition to this we made use of some new discussion instruments such as the Glocal Game, World Cafés etc.

Before the seminar all participants prepared a draft article that gave their opinion on the future of Europe. The articles were inspired by the statements given in the Demos Community College mind-map.
During the ACCC all participant articles were read through and discussed by the participants before they were finalized and published in the magazine “ACCENT – a European Demos”.

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Citizenship in Action 2005-2006.
A European Demos. ACCENT April 2006 No.4.

By the ACC International Programme Office

ISSN 1603-5135

Report of the Citizenship in Action-project (Demos Community College 2005 & Active Citizenship Community College 2006) supporting the broad aim of re-connecting European citizens with European Institutions.

"“Demos” is defined as a group of people gathered around a purpose; conscious, active citizens, members of the city, “politeia” in ancient Greece. By taking our point of departure around the theme of “Demos” we feel perfectly aligned with the ACC’s mission to promote the creation of a European Public Sphere."(Maria Bakari, Demos Community College organiser)

ACC International Programme Office

The ACC International Programme Office was in charge of the Active Citizenship Community College and the issuing of ACCENT No.4