Sønderstrand Aabenraa
The debate among Europeans about common issues is homeless....

SECC II group
... and that is the reason why we went together ...

... to figure how to make it possible...

Rites Tautas Augstskola
... to found real European Community Colleges...

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The idea in brief

The ambition has turned up time and again since the ACC was founded in 1999; ACC should aim at creating a model-example of how schools for Europe could be realized. A real European Community College.

The ACC General Assembly 2002 encouraged the board to give it a try and to work for establishing the First European Community College. Since it was most likely realizable in Denmark, where the tradition of Folk High Schools is well established, we are considering Denmark as the place for the establishment of the First European Community College.

It could also happen that other countries could be interessed in hosting such a school. The idea would probably be linked up with progress rather than with tradition. Still, no possibilities are excluded.

The project Youth2002 together with the Community College events we have carried out from 1999 up until now, has created a big group of enthusiasts, a huge number of young people all over Europe is supporting the idea. We believe they are the best “ambassadors” for our project of creating a First European Community College.

Following up on the Youth2002 the ACC International Programme Office made a consultation among the Youth2002 participants in particular. They were asked if they could imagine themselves in the role of facilitators or teachers in such a school. They were also asked to give ideas and proposals on topics that could be included in a future school-plan or plan for courses. A huge number of replies, ideas and support made it possible to construct a description and a model of how the First European Community College could function with the help of our many ambassadors and members.

In December 2002 the ACC Board together with a wider working group had a very fruitful seminar in which the aim of founding a First European Community College was included in the working plan for the years 2003-2005.

In February 2003 a group of 30 young Europeans met at the "Schools for Europe Community College II" in order to edit the spring issue 2003 of the Journal of World Education. The “Journal” can be seen as a compilation of preparatory and PR-material in order to set the scene for the founding of the First European Community College. This step in the process was especially important since a group within the group of 30 were working on a proposal for a set of bylaws for the First European Community College. The “Journal” including the first proposal for bylaws was released in April.

We uploaded the proposal for bylaws (version one) to the website in order to allow everyone to comment, criticize, and to advise us on what should be changed in order to prepare the version two.

The First European Community College has not been realised yet.