Youth 2002 @ 13 Danish Folk High Schools

Youth 2002

The Rønshoved delegation July 12th 2002

The project Youth2002

In the first two weeks of July 2002, 1000 young Europeans from 33 states stayed at 13 Danish Folk High Schools.

The theme of the two weeks stays was the future of Europe. One very concrete task was common for the participants, as they were all working on a proposal for a future European Constitution (downloads below).

The 1000 participants were a living example of a (small-scale) European public realm. The example is still alive, as the bonds knitted at Folk High Schools (Community Colleges) tend to stay for life. This due to the residential school format!

This was the point, when the ACC together with four other organizations and 13 folk high schools founded Youth2002. The ACC wanted to point at a mean for establishing a European common public realm.

The "1000 Young Europeans Constitution" formulated, is the compromise made out of 13 groups (schools) individual results. The difficult task of making the 13 constitutions into one took place at Rønshoved Folk High School from 11th to 12th of July, 2002.

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A Vision Comes to Life
Youth 2002 Brochure

By the Youth2002
Youth 2002 Brochure
"In the first two weeks of July, Youth 2002 hosted 1000 people aged 18-25 from 33 European countries, at 13 Folk High Schools in Denmark."

The brochure described in brief the topics, the tasks, the process and the locations of the project.

Creating the Powerhouses of Tomorrow by Inspiring People Today
Journal of World Education, Spring 2003, vol.33., no.1

Editors: 30 young europeans
Editor in Chief: Ieva Astahovska
Technical Editor: Allan Siao Ming Witherick


ISSN 0904-3063

Journal of World Education
Young people among the participants, organisers and volunteers of the Youth2002 gathered in this journal their experiences with the European residential school format.

From one of the articles: "It's a place where the biggest contribution is brought not by the teachers but by each and everyone of the participants. Each of us enriches the environment with our own culture and traditions, wit our own mentality and way of life." (Mihaela Alexandrescu, Romania)

The organization Youth2002

Journal of World Education Vol. 33, no. 1 - An ACC follow up on Youth 2002

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