Transylvania Community College: Proposal on Minority Protection for a Common European Constitution

Transylvania Community College 2003 in brief

From August 3rd - 16th the ACC carried out this Community College for 50 young Europeans, engaged in NGO’s relevant for the topics of the event.

The aim of the CC was in accordance with the general aims of the ACC to stimulate a common European debate on questions and political problems shared by the Europeans.

The Transylvanian Community College 2003 dealt with the future perspectives of the Central-Eastern-European national minorities in the context of the EU-Enlargement.

The event developed for Transylvania is a showcase of the general strategy of the ACC, creating more Community Colleges for an Open Europe.

The TCC 2003 had participants from The Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Germany, France, Italy, Latvia (CEE), The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain and Sweden.

In summer 2002 the organizers themselves went through a new common experience, that of coordinating the course Youth 2002 ( in Denmark.

Thereby they developed an additional dimension of the idea of a Community College to be organized in Transylvania, which would synthesize the conclusions of their recent work, consequently enrich the course content and fit it to the actual context and specificity of the slightly different target group.

Correspondinglyit was decided that the main priority would be to actively involve the participants by creating a Proposal on Minority Protection in a European Constitution.

Short description of the Idea of TCC2003

Funding Bodies

The Transylvania Community College 2003 is supported by the European Commission and Soros Foundation.

Press releases

ACC Transylvania Committee

In charge of the Transylvania Community College 2001, Transylvania Community College 2003, the Bridging Community Colleges and the ACCENT No.2 is the ACC Transylvania Commitee. The Committee is mainly run by Įgota Illyčs and Barna Kovącs.