Challenges of Enlargement Community College 2004 @ Trieste/Pliskovica

Challenges of Enlargement Community College in brief

The ACC (Association for Community Colleges) carried through a two-week Community College event for 40 young Europeans, concerning the role of the accessing countries and the member states in the incoming enlarged European Union.
In the summer 2004 (July 23rd to August 7th 2004) when the event took place the enlargement was already a fact. In a rapidly transforming European Union the debates and discussions in the accessing states and the member states about the new shape of the EU were vivid and fervent. Questions like how can the accessing countries contribute to the enlarged EU and how can the member states help the integration process in the Union were among the questions, which were debated during the event.
Particular attention was devoted to crucial issues such as mobility on the labour market, languages, security, political structure, cross-border cooperation, integration and participation. The discussion also dealt with the role of cultures and identities in intercultural dialogue and regionalisation in the definition of “15” and “25” Europe.
The historically plastic region of the Italian-Slovene international frontier where the event took place provided a concrete illustration of these issues.

The main topic of the event was the role of the accessing countries and its citizens and of the member states and its citizens in the enlarged European Union. The area where the events took place was the natural frame for exchange of ideas and the encounters and debates with local and national representatives (politicians, NGO delegates…) a starting point for discussing a common strategy.
Special attention was devoted to mobility and the differences of it in the member states and accessing states, which included the question of integration of workers and students; discussing the variety of languages, identities, cultural backgrounds of the participants within Europe was the starting point of understanding the traditional diversity Europe represents and the cultural heritage the accessing countries are bringing to the Union. The step forward was recognizing how we can contribute to the cross-border cooperation among and between the member states and accessing states.
The group of participants was able to develop throughout the shared knowledge a common strategy to encourage intercultural dialogue in order to prevent old and new forms of discrimination and social exclusion and to promote a debate on the questions of the enlargement.
The event promoted the methods of non-formal education and lifelong leaning and youth participation also on the regional level.

Group picture - CECC 2004


Enjoying the intercultural meeting…

Talking between work-groups..

Daša Bolcina
Daša Bolcina, initiator and leader of the CECC

ACC Goodwill Committee

The ACC Goodwill Committee aims is in charge of the Challenges of Enlargement Community College. The Committee consists of Dasa Bolcina (board representative), Maja Mezgec, Tina Teraz and Suzana Maric.

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