[26.08.12] The Association for Community Colleges has left the Association for World Education (AWE) and the European Association for Education of Adults (EAEA).

[27.04.12] Danish Culture Minister Elbæk has given Højskolen Østersøen a great chance. A dispensation paves the way for courses of more transnational character.

[15.12.11] European education stakeholders miss lifelong and non-formal learning in the Erasmus for all regulation. A coalition of 30 reply on the EU Commission’s proposal.

[08.11.11] Denmark should use its 2012 EU presidency to answer the question, how can Europe commemorate June 1914? This is suggested in an ACC letter to Denmark’s new minister for folk high schools, Uffe Elbæk.

[12.07.11] “The freedom of association at European level is both a fundamental right of the European citizens and an active component in the emergence of a European public sphere.”

[06.04.11] The Association for Community Colleges and 26 other stakeholders in education and training have adopted a common position paper on visions for the future of education, training and youth programmes.

[10.03.11] Jerzy Buzek proclaims the support of the European Parliament for a statute for European associations during the plenary session in Strasbourg.

[05.12.10] European associations have demanded a European Association Statute for 33 years. On November 10th MEPs once again called on the EU-Commission to table proposals

[30.10.10] Association for World Education’s Council gathered in Elsinore Thursday. Lucie Čížková was elected new vice-president. Lucie represented the ACC as board member.

[08.10.10] Education is required to shape it and language to follow it, but it takes media to maintain a European public sphere. This concludes "Europeans Knowing Europe".

[13.08.10] More than ten years of smiling, presenting, wondering and a lot more is now on Flickr, since photos from ACCs European Community Colleges have been moved.

[31.05.10] The result of complaint 255/2009/JF against the EACEA is clear. The intervention of the European Ombudsman Diamandouros saves the ACC.

[24.03.10] They have the time, they have experience, they don’t need to think of careers and exams, and they remember the background to why the EU united. And well, they can often afford to spend money on a European community college course.

[24.03.10] Around 1940 Spanish María García began as a shepherd taking cattle to the mountains. Another small girl, Ilga Dravniece, started school at that time in Liepāja. As her parents didn’t let her go to a Soviet childrens’ summer camp, she was probably saved for Latvia. And in Denmark Winnie Østergård Nielsen was raised by a lonely father: A strong communist believer whose disappointment with the Soviet Union may later have caused his death.

[12.01.10] The ACC Latvia is carrying out a workshop on Europe & media in June. The workshop is now open for applications.

[01.01.10]“The acronym is fine, but the words it stands for might not be the cleverest for our association.”
This opinion was presented by the chairman of the ACC, John Petersen, when the association had its General Assembly on December 29th.

[23.12.09] Whatever skill, knowledge or competence that is brought home from a learning occasion abroad, it must meet a demand. The learning occasions are simply less motivating, if this is not the case.

[05.12.09] ACC Tautskolas Eiropai has invited thirty elderly Europeans to participate in a one week Community College Course in Spain. The course begins today.

[15.10.09] The Danish Folk High Schools that took part in the Youth 2002 project have been waiting for seven years for their invested capital to be returned. They will now finally get it.

[28.09.09] The General Assembly 2009 of the ACC is going to take place on December 29th.

[10.07.09] Learning mobility should be for all young people and not just for the few, according to the EU member states. The EU Commission has opened a public consultation on further learning mobility opportunities.

[06.07.09] ACC has complained to the EU Ombudsman about the reimbursement claims of the EU-Commission’s EACEA (Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency) in relation to the Transylvania Community College (TCC) 2003. The complaint has been admitted.

[03.07.09] For a few weeks, ACC has been present on Facebook. Main reason for entering Facebook is that the ACC Office addresses regularly receive announcements of events and conferences. They are now going to be put on the Facebook wall.

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