Europe of Rights Community College 2003 @ Casacares

Casa Cares, Tuscany, Italy

The context of Tuscany, the region in Central Italy where the ERCC will take place, can give an original contribution to the process of integration between the local situation and the European Union. Tuscany has a long history of multiculturalism and a strong tradition of cross-cultural exchange, linked with its specific social, cultural, economic and multi-religious identity. Therefore, we expect a significant mutual enrichment from the meeting between participants in the exchange and the local institutions, that for a long time have worked to promote solidarity and respect for the differences.

One of these local institutions promoting peace and intercultural understanding is the centre where the exchange will take place, Casa Cares, which has always been characterised by its international dimension together with its work on a local level.

Casa Cares is a retreat and group meeting centre managed by the Waldensian Reformed Church of Italy.
In 1962, it has been founded as an institute for children in Florence by a group of friends under the leadership of an American pastor. In 1971, the institution moved into Villa Graffi, a farmhouse in the township of Reggello. In 1975, it was transformed into a meeting and hospitality centre for Italian and foreign groups or individuals. In 1985, the property of Casa Cares was offered to the Waldensian Church, which has managed it since then, entrusting its direction to Antoinette and Paul Krieg. The Krieg family still lives in Casa Cares along with the international staff of co-workers, mostly volunteers, coming from all over the world.
Casa Cares is sensitive to the environment and to the idea of sustainability and hopes to provide space for dialogue between people coming from different places, with different ideas and beliefs.

Casa Cares (Villa I Graffi)
via Pietrapiana 56
I-50066 Reggello (Florence)
Tel. +39 (0)55 8652001
Fax. +39 (0)55 8652900

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