Minutes from the 30th Board meeting
23/9/2005 Brussels (Belgium)

Present at the meeting:
John Petersen, Dasa Bolcina, Conchi Gallego, Erik Jentges
Emma Yeoman and Mjellma Mehmeti
Linda Jakobsone and Lucie Cizkova

1. Approval of the Agenda.
The Board approves the agenda for the meeting
2. Approval of the Minutes from the previous Board meetings
The Board is not decisive so the approval is postponed to the next meeting where the board can decide.
3. Preparation of the General Assembly
The board proposes Linda Jakobsone to chair the GA and Lucie Cizkova to be the secretary of the meeting and take the minutes.

The board goes through the points of the GA Agenda.

- Elections

The mandates of John Petersen, Mjellma Mehmeti, Dasa Bolcina and Eva Valvo are finished.
There is also a vacant position since Linda Jakobsone withdrew from the board.

This means that there are 4 vacant places for a 2 year mandate and 1 place for a 1 year mandate.
There are 5 candidates for these positions: John Petersen, Mjellma Mehmeti and Dasa Bolcina running for re-election and Emma Yeoman and Lucie Cizkova are also candidates.

The board decides to propose the GA that candidates are elected and the board will decide which one goes for the one year mandate and which ones for the 2 years.

For the substitute’s positions there are is only one candidate known that is Erik Jentges who would like to run again for this position. The board is reminded that the deadline to run as substitute will be set up during the GA.

- election of the auditor
The Board verified the re-nomination of Lene Albrechtsen for the position Auditor of the ACC.

John would like to propose some topics for debate, just to listen to the member’s opinions.
1.- Future of the ACC: John presents the latest developments of the European Commission Plan D. There is a work plan being developed and some future presidency will make it real. We can not influence the plan any more and we should already start thinking of what to do after the Action Plan becomes a reality.

Linda comments on the fact that even if the project is on its “own way” and that we can not influence any more as it is in a “very far sphere” we should follow up what is done and what it is really done at the end of the process.

The board also highlights the fact that this plan is still under the communication DG and not the education, so it risks to become a “propaganda” instrument, more than a real plan to create a European Public realm.

Linda also informs that Commissioner Mrs Wallström is traveling all around Europe having public debates. The board decides to work to have her calendar and send it to the members so they could participate in these debates.

4. Rite

John informs the Board on the latest developments in and around Rite.
In the last board meeting (in Rite) it was decided to send a letter to Rite’s board to ask for the accounts and urge the owners of the building to do the necessary procedures to give the ownership of the house to the association.

There was a board meeting of Rite in Denmark in which John and Linda participated and this letter was discussed. The decision taken was that Niels and Linda should work together to change the ownership of the house. About the accounts there have not yet been sent out. There was only sent some information about the cash flow and the bank statements.

Linda informs that Dainis (ACC member from Latvia) that is a lawyer has been revising the documents for the change of property.

After the meeting Linda tried to meet Niels, but he offered a “15 minutes meeting” which was not enough to do the necessary work.

The board thinks that if things don’t change the ACC should step out of the Rite NGO.

About the Rite Board meeting John and Linda also inform that the principal of the school in which the meeting took place presented to them some interesting opportunities for Rite as he is part of a World Wide project investing in the opening of schools around the world (China, Chile…) and he thought that maybe Rite could be a place to invest. There is no more information so far. The board will be informed of any update.

5. Past and Future activities

- Representations Community College (Hannover) took place successfully. Erik and Anna together with Emma, Marzia, and Allan were the team that ran the activity. There was a diverse group of around 30 people. They worked with an organization that implemented some political simulation games. The outcome was the drafting of a code of conduct for MEPs. This document could be used for starting such a debate. They will lobby for the document. About the possibility of organizing a RCC II there needs to be more though about.
- Exploring Borders of Identities (NL-DK-LV): this project gathered youngsters aged 16 to 18 in the Netherlands. There’ll probably be a follow up in Denmark next year (probably in IPC).
- BCC: The “Bridging” took place in Rite. The outcomes were mainly that the French project got on going with lots of new ideas and inputs, Malene, Tomas Balco and Emilie are also drafting a project and there might be something coming out in Slovenia.
- Cultures in Dialogue took place in summer in DK. The ACC was hired as a consultant for the project and the office facilities were also hired for the activity. The outcome of the project was a resolution. 2 ACC members were part of the drafting committee of this resolution. There might be some follow up of the project.
- Training for Trainers in Conflict Resolution Management. This project took place in Estonia. Hannes and Dasa were part of it. The ACC acted as a partner for this project.
- ACCent from CECC is about to be printed out. It will be sent out to members, institutions…etc
- UK presidency /EAEA Conference took place, dealing with the topic on how adult education can play a role in the “Lisbon Strategy”. There is now a budget line for residential seminars in the Grundvig programme. John took part
- EUCIS-LLL Platform: There has been a meeting of this platform. It was decided that there should be a work plan done, but the meeting didn’t get so far. JC is attending these meetings.
- Other meetings: John and JC met a Danish parliamentarian that has proposed a working group in the EP to deal with the FECC issue. JC will do the follow up of this meeting.

6. AOB

- NECE (Networking European Citizenship Education) is organizing a conference this year again in Berlin. It is informed that Erik and John intend to participate. Any other participants are welcome.
- Erik informs that the Network of the European Movement in Germany has offered the ACC to be part of it. The network has a fee of 250€. He asks the board for a decision. The board thinks that it is ok to be members of the network. About the fee the ACC Berlin Committee should fundraise for it.
- Naomi has finished the European Community College Songbook. She will bring copies to the GA. The board would like to thank Naomi for her great job.
- John informs that Mjellma is the ACC candidate for the Advisory Council of the Council of Europe Youth Directorate.
- Siebren has offered his place to have a board meeting in Amsterdam.
- John informs that he will participate, together with Elly and Lucie in the EAEA GA in Oslo (November 20th). The ACC will probably be nominated for the Grundtvig award that will be given at this event.

No other issue was opened at this point.

The Board meeting was closed.

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