ACC quits memberships
[26.08.12] The Association for Community Colleges has left the Association for World Education (AWE) and the European Association for Education of Adults (EAEA).

The ACC has been an associated member of the AWE and the EAEA for around ten years. In 2012, ACC has closed both memberships.

Through 2010, ACC realized that there is not necessarily democratic control of what is spoken in the name of AWE. This is the reason why ACC finally closed its membership in 2012.

The ACC also withdrew its membership of the EAEA. In this case, the idea was to apply for membership of the European Civil Society Platform for Lifelong Learning (EUCIS LLL) instead. The EUCIS LLLís authoritative bodies reacted positively on an application for membership. However, ACC had to give up its ambition, because of a subsequent rise of the membership fee.


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