Minutes of the 26th Board meeting

07, 08, 2004
Pliskovica, Slovenia

Present at the Board Meeting:
Bolcina Dasa, Conchi Gallego, Erik Jentges, Jan Christoph Napierski, John Petersen, Laszlo Dani, Linda Jakobsone and Mjellma Mehmeti

1. Constituting the new Board
John opens the meeting by welcoming Erik, the new member into the Board of the ACC, and at the same time many thanks to Laszlo for the so far contribution.

The Board agrees with the suggestion from John not to change further the positions of the Board but Erik to take Laszlo´s position.

2. CECC information
Dasa informs on the outcome and the first general impressions from the firs project carried through by this Committee. There have been some complications in managing the project since Dasa was not there in the first week and the rest of the organizing team wasn’t too experienced with events managing.
15- 16 participants of this course became new ACC members – so far.
John adds that this project ended as a success of all the organizing team. The lesson to learn from this experience is that one should be cautious while cooperating with partners for the first time, 8 people leading one single course is too many which makes miscommunications unavoidable. After the learning process there is reason to look forward to cooperate with our new partners once again.
John also informs the Board that Allan offered to do (and will do) the lay out of the ACCENT of the CECC. We have the finances for an issue of 8000, and Dasa promises to come back to us with more on the CECC after the impressions have come down.

Erik takes the floor to inform about the developments as seen from his opinion.

4. AOB
Cornwall CC
John informs that Rhisiart will come to Aarhus some time in September to work on the new application.
John informs on the “Network, Seminar, Publication” project and explains the exchange server as a potential new tool for the members of the ACC especially the ones who want to be more active, and the ones that have already ongoing projects in different phases of development. The exchange server is probably the best tool of communication also for the members of the Board as it simplifies the communication by far.
News from Maria and the Hellenic Committee are very positive. Maria is working hard on the fundraising of the event.

Representations CC in Berlin.
A new idea coming from Erik for a new project taking place in Berlin. The Board welcomes this idea. John will take care of the organizational matters of Erik´s project, and at the same time Conchi offers to help with coaching Erik and guiding him through the concepts we use in our internal communication.

The Board decides that since Laszlo has left the Board, the role he had as a contact person with the Transylvania Committee should be taken over by John as he is most updated on the developments with the projects of this particular Committee. There has also been an idea that this committee should also be taken over by some new people (our members in that region) as Agota and Barna are no longer in Romania or Hungary. Conchi suggests that maybe there should be formed a new Committee with another name that will take over the job of Transylvania Committee.

The Board also decided that here should be a commercial folder made for the FECC+ ACC+ Rite+ some other project for the Santiago Conference.

J-C suggests that for the more professional look of these materials we should maybe contact the students of the Information media at the Aarhus University.

Since there were no more constructive contributions to this point and this was the last point of the agenda, John closed the meeting.


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