Minutes from the 25th Board meeting
07, 08, 2004 Pliskovica, Slovenia

Present at the meeting:
Dasa Bolcina, Conchi Gallego, Jan-Christoph Napierski, John Petersen, Laszlo Dani, Linda Jakobsone and Mjellma Mehmeti.
Emma Yeoman and Eva Valvo

1. Approval of the Minutes from the previous Board meeting.
The Board approves the minutes from the last board meeting, suggesting a min or correction on the part where Trieste is implied to be situated in Slovenia.

2. Preparation of the General Assembly
John presents to the Board members the new version of the document that should regulate the handing over authority to the Committees. After this John, Laszlo and Jan-Christoph withdraw their previous suggestions for the resolution. The text is finalized by the Board and prepared to be presented to the General Assembly.
The Board members accept the suggestion made by John that Erik Jentges should one more time, the same as last year, be the secretary of the General Assembly. The Board also agreed to select Conchi as a chair of the General Assembly.
The Board roughly went through the points for the agenda of the GA.
- election of the new Board members
On this point the Board verified one more time who is running for re-election.
- election of the auditor
The Board verified the re-nomination of Lene Albrechtsen for the position Auditor of the ACC.
- involving the members in the work of the organization (point 6 of the agenda of the GA)
As the Board of the ACC has many times before identified the need for involving as much as possible its members on many different levels of the work: The Board worked on the way the ACC members present at the GA can have enough space to contribute with ideas on how to involve the members of the organization.

3. The ACC Work Plan
Conchi presents the new Work Plan. She has kept the same format as the previous one. She has though updated it and added some new chapters. There were generally no comments on the new Work Plan. The board accepts the Work Plan 2005.

4. Rite/ EAEA
John informs the Board on the latest developments in and around Rite.
John also reminds that the ACC membership to the AWE is expiring. The Board decides to renew the ACC membership in the AWE.
Moreover, the Board decides to propose to the GA, that ACC becomes member of EAEA (European Association for Education of Adults).

5. Economy
John reports on the latest new with the economic situation of the organization created with the approval of the running costs by the EU. The problem of finding sufficient co-financing is still high on the day-to-day agenda of the International Programme Office. Jan-Christoph has withdrawn his offer to take the position of an intern in the office, but the authorities of the Aarhus Municipality have promised that they will find a new candidate very soon.

6. AOB
Mjellma informed about a new cooperation the ACC has entered with the Earth Education Academy (EEA). Mjellma presented the Board with the aims of this organization and delivered their information material. The EEA has an ongoing activity with Rite and there is a lot of potential in the determinations of this organization. The information has been met with a lot of admiration by the members of the Board.
The Board of the ACC took note of this information.

No other issue was opened at this point.

The Board meeting was closed.


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The Association for Community Colleges (ACC) was the 2004 recipient of the Organisational Development Network's Outstanding Global Work award...

Mjellma Mehmeti, board member of the ACC was awarded by the Heinz-Schwartzkopf-Stiftung 'Young European of the Year 2002'