Minutes, February 11th 2004, 18.00 (CET)

Present: Laszlo Dani, John Petersen, Conchi Gallego, Emma Yeoman, Linda Jakobsone and Jan-Christoph Napierski (points 4-6)

Enclosures: Accounts 2003, Budget 2004, January 1st mail.

1.- John opens the meeting and it is decided that John or John/Mjellma take the minutes.

2.- No amendments to the agenda were proposed

3.- The 22nd meetings minutes are approved with minor changes.

Adding to the information given in the January 1st board-mail the following information was given:
(4a.)- Linda explained that the ACC Latvia Committee is planning an international exchange in July with Youth-money, a camp in summer for kids working on school newspapers (with funds from Riga municipality), a summer camp for kids with World Bank support, and a NORDPLUS-project for farmers (co-operation with Lithuania, Sweden and Denmark). The NGO Rites Tautskola has not been registered finally yet. Sandra Salmina is working on the website.
(4b.) – no protests, decided
(4c.) – John explains about the Køng Folk High School and their suggestion for cooperation – maybe a sort of European Academy within the Køng Folk High School with ACC as an advisory body. We will try to gather some more information about the set up of cooperation and background info about Køng before going further.
(4d.) – taken ad notam, we will apply for CoE running cost funding if possible
(4e.) – taken ad notam, BCC was a huge success.

JC and John informed that we did not manage to make use of the address from Germany on cooperation (starting the FECC). The Ministry would have liked the FFD to be behind, and the FFD does not want to support a European Folk High School in Denmark.

5.- New committees approval

The ACC Hellenic Committee is approved with Maria Bakari in lead and John as a contact to the board.
The approval of the ACC Portugal Committee is postponed until we have more information.
The ACC Good Will Committee is approved with Dasa in lead and as contact to the board
The ACC Caucasus Committee has changed a bit, so that now John will take Laszlo’s place and be the contact to the board.
Changes among persons working for the ACC Cornwall Committee may happen, but Rhisiart is still in lead. It is decided –if Rhisiart likes the idea- to appoint Emma the board contact to the Cornwall CC from now on instead of John.

6.- Budget 2004 and Accounts 2003

The budget and the accounts were approved unanimously

7.- Detail-changes in the ACCENT-guidelines.

The suggested change (a) was approved (the back cover should include a table of contents) and it was approved that we have to discuss (b) again (who is the legally responsible behind an ACCENT-number).

8.-Place and date of the next board meeting….

Timing depends on the eventual EU running costs approval.


It is suggested to have the GA in Rhodes.

Conchi reminds once again about the World Youth Festival in Barcelona and an idea evolves having the GA at the same place and same time. Conchi and John co-ordinate investigating this idea…

Minutes: John Petersen, March 2004

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