21-11-04 Contributions from participants at ERCC II (2)
Dear seminar-participants,

With this I am forwarding a contribution from Marcin Maliszewski, Moritz Thate, Ferhat Yarar, Elvira Fundukova, Helle Villekold Jørgensen, Valentina Strammiello. All took part in the Europe of Rights Community College 2004 in Reggello (http://www.acc.eu.org/SEEEMS/1982.asp), Tuscany.

"Diversity between different cultures should not be a reason for not being united. People share more than historical backgrounds. They share hopes, fears and ideas regardless of their cultures, traditions and geographical criteria. The definition for European borders is not connected to any religions or world wars. It is only connected to what people believe in nowadays.... the priority of human rights, multicultural society and the aim to have similar living standards in our member-states in the European Union. In conclusion this vision should be the starting point for the dialog within the framework of the First European Community College"

Video: http://seminars.acc.eu.org/Seminars/(3)%20Video-debate%20on%20(1)%20and%20(2)%20-%20By%20method%20of%20recollage/VoicesReggello2.mov