18-11-04 Contributions from participants at ERCC II (1)
Dear seminar-participants,

With this I am forwarding a contribution from Edlira Xhafa, Kristin Mellqvist, Christian Schwartz, Oana Oprescu, Juraj Alexander, Akmis Lomsargis, Anastasya Peeva. All took part in the Europe of Rights Community College 2004 in Reggello, Tuscany.

“…we believe that Europe started as a geographic and historical constant but now it is growing and looking toward a common future. Europe is a place where common values and diversity should be appreciated and respected. We strongly believe that the First European Community College could be a platform for building a culture of understanding and mutual respect in order to build our European future.”

Watch it at the ftp-server from http://www.acc.eu.org/SEEEMS/2702.asp (video-debate-folder).