03-11-04 Tomas Balco
Hi Mjelma,

interesting statement there.

I may be lacking some information, so I would
appreciate to hear from you, which current EU members
should not be members of EU.

Wars are a sad story. I agree with the statement all
the normal people loose in a war. Sick leaders win
just by bringing a nation to war. That is what needs
to be avoided. After all it is groups and individuals
who steer peoples emotions and use them for achieving
their personal objectives.

In addition, if we make statements about wars,
genocide and bad guys, why do we draw a line in 20th

Shall we go to 19th, 18th or 6th century? Which
violence and pain matters to us? The one we carry in
our hearts as memory or that we carry in our
subconscious as cultural and historical heritage?

History of Europe is full of violence, genocide and
bad guys. This did not start with the first world war
and did not stop with the second. It may be
interesting to consider the guilt - it being that of
individuals who manipulate others or being that of
masses who let themselves being manipulated.

I find it hard to judge.

I am also afraid, there would be very few EU members
if we kick out all those states who were involved in
something bad. I may agree however that a public
apology of leaders and individual responsability of
those commiting crimes agains humanity should be
required. Crimes were being commited by both loosers
and winners. Justice should not take place only with
loosers though. Humanity is something universal. I
think that is what connects us, inspite of our race,
ethnics, religion, nationality or other factors.

Kind regards,