17-11-04 Mjellma Mehmeti
Dear everybody,

Welcome into the second official week of the webseminars.

As I promoised some weeks ago, last time I wrote, here comes a quotation of another of the interviews we made on the issue "What is the core of Europe".
I hope you will find it challenging and it will triger some thoughts and reactions from your side.

All the best and keep up the good work.


The quotation follows here:

"What is common for people in the EU now and also in the future with even more member-states is Christendom.

Christendom unites us and this rich background is what we should stick to as the unifying element.

I think there could be other subjects than the real uniting ones at a European Community College, but if it should be seriously European, of course the common background should be taught as well.

It is important for the students at the First European Community College to learn about the historical bonds between us and to learn what Christendom is all about. Our legislations and values and even human rights are Christian values and participants should get to know much more about this common heritage...."