03-11-04 Mjellma Mehmeti
Dear seminar participants,
Not so long ago we at the ACC managed to make some interviews on the core of Europe, the core of Europeaness. This is an excerpt of one of them:
"The political integration of parts of Europe in the EU began after the Second World War.

The Europeans decided once and for all, that they would never again see any Auschwitz or the like and they did not want to stand divided again. They wanted to co-operate.

In reality we all lost both the First and the Second World War, because all the evil things were present in all the states. The essence of Europe is that we all lost the wars.

The First European Community College should explain this essence to its students.

I believe this could also be about who can be members of the EU and who cannot. There are still states and people that do not even admit they took part in genocides or co-operated with the bad guys. As long as they don’t discuss and excuse the sins of the past, they are still believing that what they did in the past was ok. I mean, they shouldn’t be made members before they have taken distance to these sins. Some of nowadays EU member-states probably shouldn’t have been members.
I believe this is where the common European is beginning."

Ok this was it. In case you have a coment, remark, agree/dissagree with the quotation, and you want to share, please write us back.
I will come back later on during the seminar weeks with another quotation.

Bye for now,