25-10-04 Cypriot Students and Young Scientists Organisation ISCHYS
We would like to congratulate you on your venture to establish the First European Community College (FECC). We were not fully aware of this effort and are tremendously excited to see it materialize.

The papers you prepared were exquisitely detailed, providing a lot of useful information on the strategies that the venture will follow to achieve its goals. We were especially interested in the theoretical part describing the aims and effect of such a EC College. This prospect excites us the most, as we endorse the European ideals.

We would like to express our full support to the European citizenship education project.

Some small suggestions:

There could be more emphasis on intercultural understanding in the whole process, with the extra addition of 'knowing youth NGOs' programme, that could present youth NGOs from around Europe.

There could be a completely new field of 'student union' within the College's infrastructure, composed of Student NGOs' representatives, elected and not (executive and advisory/permanent respectively) from each country (as our organization is for Cyprus).

The monitoring committee for the College should be composed of NGOs from around Europe (or the ones you contacted at least) that could give their opinion and be connected with the programme.

The ECC's projects/lectures/courses could be promoted in the whole of Europe in special presentations in other countries that would be supported by NGOs like ourselves, supporter of the ECC.

Please take the above as friendly suggestions that by no means mean that we disapprove of the current arrangements as seen in the documentation on the ACC website.

We attach our logo for the support of the project and we are more than looking forward to hearing from you soon.

As we are still studying the set of documents on your project, we would kindly ask to be informed if the above was sufficient for this early phase. If not, we could engage a team of our people to study and produce detailed suggestions and documents on our support and opinion of the project in a later stage (in reasonable time limits). So please inform on the adequacy of the suggestions/comments in this email.

Kind Regards,


Cypriot Students and Young Scientists Organisation ISCHYS