25-10-04 Centre for Management of Conflicts - Macedonia
From the beginning I would like to congratulate to everybody that is working on this concept of European Community College. The reasons I like this initiative are:
· I would
like to be part of broader picture of EU and commit some time on it and for it;
· The initiative itself I see as a “Small Europe”. It could lead to a role model or testing area of cutting age solutions for future EU;
· This initiative could institutionalize the informal education and experience sharing possibilities;
· The initiative I believe It will lead to a concept of unified and strong Europe within its natural
geographical borders;
· Will give the opportunity to the young people from Europe to understand more about others by discovering themselves;
· …
So in general, this listing except that presents my current view on the initiative, it could also be seen as list of my expectations from the whole idea.

In addition to everybody that opposes such kind of noble idea, I would say “WHY NOT?”. So many project are tested just for the sake of …(whatever!)… why should not be given a chance to this one to be successful. Above all this at least is generated from and for youth.

In the end, as of fact that I have particular interest on Peacebuilding topics I would like to say that It would be my wish to see this topic in curricula of the new college. Normally along: political & juridical system, culture, geography

Due to current lack of creative mood for further elaboration of my willingness to be part of such network I will close this letter telling to the initiators - Good Luck !.

For further explanations on my support to the idea please don’t hesitate to contact me directly on:

Albert Hani
Centre for Management of Conflicts - Macedonia
Web page: www.geocities.com/albert_hani (very amateur one !)
Telephone: +389 70 24 35 34