25-10-04 The Euroclub Galych
Thank you for the information about First European Community College .
We will try participate in web-seminars.

It's interesting for us:

The development contents for a European citizenship education by
a) tools and methods (games, simulations, material, etc.)
(b) principal considerations concerning what is common European?

c) suggestions for basic contents of a European citizenship education

Best regards,
President of the Euroclub Galych (Ukraine)
Vasyl Ukhman

The EuroClub Galych is the Youth Public Organization (NGyO) .
EuroClub - means Youth European Club.
Galych - this is the name of the city (old Ukrainian capital), which is
located in the western part of Ukraine in the picturesque region.

The age of "Euroclub Galych" members - 15-28 (also we work with children).
The Euroclub members are senior pupils, students and young teachers of
educational institutions and other young people, who are interested in the
international youth co-operation. Several members of the organization are
older, but no more than 1/3 of all organization members.

The main direction of our work is holding various activities aimed at:
. the youth international co-operation development;
. extension knowledge about the European social process, European
outlook and European perception;
. support to the comprehensive harmonic development (public
leadership, sociability, creative, physical, intellectual .) of the young

Our organisation have 10 years the experience activity.

We are conducting training in getting public leadership
development, team-work, ecological knowledge, in organisation of
preventive measures of alcoholism, drugs addiction, AIDS .

Together with the Delegation of the European Commission in Ukraine we are
conducting informational activity (for example) :
-books dissemination about the EU among the youth organisations and
educational institutions of the region;
-participation at the all-Ukrainian competition "What I know about the EU?".
The competition task is to examine knowledge of competition participants,
what they know about the EU.
We took part in action:
-" Day of Europe" (every year);
-"European Spring" (May 2004);
- "Give Europe a face" (2004).

We organized (for example):
-International meeting of youth organisations' leaders from Denmark,
Austria, Poland and Ukraine in July 2002 in Ivano-Frankivsk city .This
project was financed by the Delegation of the European Commission in Ukraine
under the participation of their representatives.

-All-Ukrainian and Regional conferences "European choice of Ukraine ",
"The important role of the youth union in citizenship life of Ukraine";

-Training course with theme "Mastering of the methods of initiative and
leadership development by the members of the "Ukrainian youth unions";
-Conference for volunteer "Youth without Drugs"
-Every year (winter-summer) we are organizing sport and ecological
international youth camps in Ukrainian Carpathians.

Welcome to Galychyna land !
We will happy meet you with nice Ukrainian youth and show wonderful places,
about which to sing Ruslana (winner of Eurovision 2004) .