24-10-04 Amnesty International - Portugal
I would like to express my support for this great
initiative which is the First European Community
College (FECC). I am very familiar with the work of
ACC, so I know that the work is in very good hands.
Moreover, such an initiative could constitute an
extremely fruitful and useful alternative educational

Discussions on what is common European should take
into account the multicultural, multilingual and
multiethnic composiion of the European world, and
identify features that surpass these obvious

I would very much like to be kept informed about this
project and offer my help if / when neccessary. I also
think the web seminars are a great idea to start a
brainstorming that would help consolidate this project
further, with as much outside input from professionals
as possible.

Regards and good luck,

Amana de Sousa Ferro,
Amnesty International - Portugal