24-10-04 Association for Democratic Initiatives
Thank you very much for the invitation, I would like to use this opportunity
and congratulate you on the wonderful initiative, and would like to inform
you that we also believe that the Nordic Folk High School system might be
very useful for the region we are coming form, as well as it is a good
concept and successful experience that might be useful for a broader
audience in Europe and elsewhere.

We are more or less familiar with the concept, and I myself had the pleasure
of visiting on school of that type in Copenhagen couple of years ago, I
liked very much it's work, and would like very much to be part of the
network of supporters of the First European Community College (FECC),

I would appreciate if you can send me again the attachment in order to be
able to comment on it, since I couldn't open the attached PDF file

Looking forward to your response

With kindest regards

Albert Musliu, ADI

Albert Musliu
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