25-10-04 Azerbaijani-American Youth Social Association
I am very glad to hear about such initiative and I am very interested
to become part of the network of supporters of the First European Community
College (FECC). Thank you for invitation.

As the main goal of our Organization is to accelerate a close integration of
Azerbaijani institutions to Euro-Atlantic Structures, I am very interested
in the mentioned topic and with great pleasure would like to participate in
the opening of the FECC, taking place when European commitment to the
project has been consolidated.

The most interesting for me the topic is suggestions for basic contents of a
European citizenship education. I think development of awareness and
education of basic contents of a European citizenship is very important on
the way of creation a unit European family in its close integration. From
this point of view, I am ready to present in detail my thoughts on this
issue during my participation in opening of the FECC and in web seminar.


Vugar Ahmadov
Azerbaijani-American Youth Social Association