25-10-04 Belizarie Foundation
First we want to thank for your kind invitation to take part in such an important event.

We want to mention our purpose:

Artistic and moral religious education and for children and young people with special needs for developing their gift/talent and social integration of children or young people with physical handicap, with chronicall diseases and children and young people in need (including prevention of the school abandon, school materials & taxes support).

And a brief description of our programes:

The Belizarie Foundation Program for Deaf Children The aim of this program is to integrate the children into social and professional normal activities, encouraging and helping them to study along with children from normal schools.
The Belizarie Foundation Program for Poor Children and Young People We identified these categories through social research, and we gave them material help.
The Belizarie Foundation Program for Ethnic Minorities The Foundation started this Integration program for a group of Albanian children (of a Aromana Ethnic Minority from Albania), which study in Bucharest. The Foundation organised and financed visits to museums, exhibitions, trips, donated books.

Further please find attached our Web Banner (gif., and jpg. format), our Activity Report, and some Case Studies for better showing our activities.

For any other information please feel free to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Alina Rizea
Projects Coordinator
Belizarie Foundation
Bucharest, Romania