Citizenship in Action 2005-2006.
A European Demos. ACCENT April 2006 No.4.

By the ACC International Programme Office

ISSN 1603-5135

Report of the Citizenship in Action-project (Demos Community College 2005 & Active Citizenship Community College 2006) supporting the broad aim of re-connecting European citizens with European Institutions.

"“Demos” is defined as a group of people gathered around a purpose; conscious, active citizens, members of the city, “politeia” in ancient Greece. By taking our point of departure around the theme of “Demos” we feel perfectly aligned with the ACC’s mission to promote the creation of a European Public Sphere."(Maria Bakari, Demos Community College organiser)

Challenges of Enlargement Community College 2004.
European Love and Other Challenges of Enlargement.
ACCENT July 2005, No.3.

By ACC Goodwill Committee

ISSN 1603-5135

Report of the Challenges of Enlargement Community College 2004. The CECC gave special attention to the topic of mobility and diversity in an enlarged EU.

"Some politicians and critics might dismiss visions of a Europe united in love an hope as airy-fairy romantic idealism. However, such values are prevalent in the friendships cemented during our two weeks in Trieste/Pliskovica. As long as people continue to experience and learn about Europe on a micro-level, then we can look farward to being part of a united Europe "where hope and history rhyme"." (Andrzej Pater, Participant, Poland)

Transylvania Community College 2003.
Youth Proposal for a Common European Constitution.
ACCENT December 2003, No.2.

By ACC Transylvania Committee

ISSN 1603-5135
Report of the Transylvania Community College 2003. As a special subject TCC dealt with the situation of Central and Eastern European minorities in the future context of the EU enlargement.

"Sometimes, living together, having fun together, drinking, dancing and sleeping together mix perfectly with working together on big common European issues. Transylvania Community Colleges 2003 was one of the events to prove the efficiency of this kind of working community." (Mihai Musatoiu, Participant, Romania)

Europe of Rights Community College 2003.
This is just a beginning.
ACCENT December 2003, No.1.

By ACC ERCC Committee

ISSN 1603-5135

Report of the Europe of Rights Community College 2003. The ERCC and the report is conceived as an overall introduction to human rights issues in contemporary Europe.

"In the end the prevailing idea was that it would not be consistent with the principle of the secular nature of the state to explicitly mention any one or more religious denominations, in order to avoid creating de facto first and second class citizens, depending on whether they recognize these roots or not." (Valdo Spini, MP Italy and member of the European Convention)